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Lutron offers both window treatments and motorization strategies. The motorization system called Sivoia QS is one such strategy. This system allows for the creation of your entire window treatment; from the color of the window treatment to its motorization. Lutron offers a wide variety of colors and designs to choose and are available in the extensive catalogue. The variety offered by Lutron is enough to suit any star and any home. By purchasing a motorized window treatment from Lutron, you can be sure that your system’s motorization can complement your new window treatment aesthetics. Sivoia QS is immensely helpful in preventing bright sunlight from heating up your home or adding glare to your T.V. system. Upgrades to your current window treatment solution start by allowing you to have complete control over your household any time of day. This especially includes your window treatment. This product offers control through a mobile app, or placing your solution on an automatic timer, as well as a remote control. The remote control offers powerful control with a simple and un-cluttered panel of buttons for opening and closing and presets or voice command. If you feel that the cord or tilt wand for your window treatment is out of reach more often than not, or you feel that your cord is too in reach for your children, this product offers an alternative that is both packed with safety and incredibly easy. Another benefit of this system is that the system is quiet enough to allow your quiet time to stay just that: quiet. Lutron Sivoia QS upgrades your coverings to offer control over your window treatments that effortlessly make any home special. This system can be powered by battery and is sure to make you feel like more like a winner as the days go by. With Lutron, your coverings can come without border or with borders. The shades will quickly become the star in your décor in any room. Budget expectations $$$$

Lutron Automation system are:

Sivoia QS W/ WL




Radio RA2

Radio RA select



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Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 9.16.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 9.15.03 PM.png

Lutron Palladium Wire Free

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3671319_Resi_Consumer_Brochure_lr_sg (dragged) 7.jpg
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