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Indoor shutters.

How custom Shutters Will Transform Your home

Video: Custom shutters by Hunter Douglas.

Custom shutters are a key element that allow homeowners to create a more upscale space and can make an impact that is lasting, versatile, sophisticated, and stylish.

Here are the ways custom shutters will transform your home.

Complete the look

Shutters have the design capability to finish off the look of your room or the entire home. We offer many color options, whether you prefer a rich stain or a modern feel with a painted white shutter. No matter what your style, the subtle design element of your window treatments will complete your design look.

Privacy and room darkening

Homes are often close to one another – close enough to see into your neighbor’s home and they into yours. Shutters allow you and your family the privacy you crave, you’ll be able to open and close the shutters as you see fit – day or night.

Custom Shutters are a great option for room darkening that can create up to 95% darkness.

Insulation and efficiency

Custom shutters are one of the best solutions for insulation that can block up to 67% of the heat that comes in through your windows.

Summertime or wintertime keeping your shutters closed will help keep the A/C or heating from running out.

Similarly, shutters can help muffle the sounds of the outdoors, whether kids playing outside or the neighbor mowing the lawn. With an extra layer of sound barrier on your windows, you’ll be able to dampen exterior noises from coming into your home and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Improve resale value

Custom Shutters are an investment, shutters enhance the quality of your living space, and ultimately, the value of your home.

If you plan on selling your home in the near future or far from now, custom made shutters immediately will increase the value of your home.

Child & Pet safety

Your home should be safe for you and your family. Since shutters are cordless, they do not pose a hazard for your beloved little ones or furry friends.

There’s no question that shutters can truly transform your home and make it the dream space you’ve always wanted.

Ready to start? contact us now and get your free in-home consultation!

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