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Los Angeles Window Shades: Why They’re About Way More Than Function Alone

High-quality window shades in a sunny city like Los Angeles are about as functional as any piece of home decór you can buy. But functionality alone is far from the only reason to consider a luxury shading solution from a trusted design company like Shadows. Here’s why you should think about getting window shades for your home beyond pragmatism alone.

Window shades are elegant

In a variety of different cultures, window shades have evolved from simple utilitarian origins into fashion statements that tell histories of elegance and poise. This is no different today. A room’s ambiance can be dramatically boosted with the simple addition of custom LA windows shades that are hand-crafted to fit the sensibilities of their surroundings.


Custom window shades can be designed in just about every color imaginable, from earth tones and natural hues to the vibrance and pop of primaries. There are options for intricately stained wooden slats that exude a pastoral quality or for vibrant white slats that feel modern and minimal. It is rather stunning how the right tint of shade can make a room stand out among the rest.

Styles & Brands

Perhaps you are partial to a hobbled patterning. Maybe you prefer the austere grace of a single sheet of fabric, perfectly symmetrical or subtly off to create a sense of sway. How about shades that fish-tail gently at the base and generate a sophisticated dimensionality? We work with many of LA’s top window treatment suppliers and brands, so by purchasing custom LA window shades through Shadows, you guarantee that their aesthetic appeal is exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.


To really get your guests’ heads turning, you should consider having your chosen style motorized so that they can adjust, roll, lift, and extend at a smooth and even rate with the simple push of a button. Elegance automated.


For many window shades, you can choose the degree of opacity and density of the fabric. Beyond being useful for controlling temperature, differently tinted shades will affect the quality of light that enters a given room, which puts you in the driver’s seat with regard to its ambiance. You can go full blackout to get a cool noir or nearly translucent to warm up a room with natural illumination, and anywhere in between

shadows design inc. fuses funtion and fashion

Considering custom windows shades to complete your Los Angeles look? Shadows Design can transform your dwelling into a home fit for a king. Choosing from hand-crafted, ultra-lux window coverings to integrated automation hubs, our expert team of designers and engineers blend a love of art and technology to make dream homes a reality. Ready for yours? It starts with a phone call.

Dial 310.467.6233 now or fill out our form for a free consultation and quote!

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