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Luxury Curtain Panels: 4 Curtain Panels Ideas

Let’s face it: Living in Los Angeles means living a life of luxury. Of course, when many hear this, they visualize well-manicured mansions tucked up in the Hollywood Hills, and while that’s certainly true, there’s more to luxury than just a big house with a view.

For instance, a set of upmarket, world-class luxury curtain panels can dramatically shift the look and feel of any LA dwelling, whether it’s austere, ornate, or anything in between. To get you started, Shadows Design Inc. has compiled five of our favorite, simultaneously functional and fab kinds.

Blackout Curtain Panels

Luxury living in Los Angeles requires a certain amount of beauty sleep. For some, this task can be complicated by abnormal schedules, or by the simple fact that LA experiences sunny days nearly year round. That’s where a blackout window treatment comes in.

They are ideal for gaining full control over temperature and light exposure within your house at any point in the day, so you can hit the pillow or relax in a calm, cool, and dim environment whenever you need to.

Roman Curtain Panels

Often considered an industry standard, these Curtain Panels became popular during the height of the Roman Empire, and simply never left the scene. They are the perfect blend of clean, subtle, and functional, and Shadows Design Inc. can help you custom-design a pair to match the contours and colors of the windows and walls they adorn.

Shadows Design’s Roman Shades can be custom-equipped with a variety of adjustment mechanisms, both manual and motorized, and can be tailored for opacity.

Woven Curtain Panels

Tailored from a range of different materials and composites, including bamboo, grass, reeds, and wood planking, our woven luxury curtain panels boast a casual yet elegant look and feel that makes them an easy addition to any ambiance. Even better, they can be custom-tailored to include cordless, rolling, and automated options, as well as liners to adjust opacity so your LA lifestyle is as peaceful and quiet as you want it to be.

Outdoor Curtain Panels

One of the many advantages of living in LA is the ability to be outside year-round. Of course, the climate of a given day isn’t going to just bend itself to your optimal temperature and light preferences, which is why our outdoor curtain panels are so useful. They are a sophisticated and state-of-the-art way to bring the plush, comfortable ambiance of your house’s interior to its exterior. Outdoor curtains can keep heat and sunlight out while adding privacy to a patio or veranda, so you and your guests will stay cool, comfortable, and relaxed.

Live In Luxury. Choose Shadows Designs Inc. For Luxury Curtain Panels

Shadows Design is LA’s premier luxury window shades retailer. From custom, ultra-lux blinds and drapes to one-touch motorized systems, we fuse a love of art, technology, and innate passion to make your dream ambiance a daily experience.

Ready to learn more? It starts with a phone call. Dial 310.467.6233 and contact us today, or go online for a free consultation and quote.

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