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Home Automation Installer Los Angeles: 4 Reasons to Automate Your Home

No proper Los Angeles lifestyle is complete without the addition of a luxury home system to your house or dwelling. This can be as straightforward as a set of motorized blinds, or as complicated as user-friendly controls installed to adjust lighting, temperature, music, standby power on appliances, and much more, all with the touch of a button.

Shadows Design is LA’s top home automation installer and can customize any system to match your needs. Not sure exactly what those needs are? No problem. Here’s four reasons to automate your home.

Automation Saves Energy and Money

Whether you’re installing an automated dimming system, motorized blinds, a self-registering timer system for powered appliances,or any other home automation installer, you’ll be taking a major step in increasing the energy efficiency of your living space.

Home automation can turn off lights, shutter windows, and lower the thermostat automatically when you aren’t using them or aren’t around. For some homeowners, this has meant a 10-20% annual decrease in costs associated with utilities and energy.

Automation Means Convenience

Neither pulling a single draw cord nor flipping a single light switch are such monumental tasks. However, having to repeat them over and over again to get the right temperature, light, or ambiance can take its toll, especially in the context of a busy lifestyle where you’re out early and home late. Automating key features of your home, such as the thermostat, allows you to set a schedule that aligns perfectly with your routine and can be amended from just about anywhere ––on set, at the office, or from your favorite restaurant.

Automation Is Stylish

A set of velvety motorized shades from Somfy or a smart lighting control panel from Lutron are as much about form as function. The sophistication of home automated installers screams “chic” in only a way that Los Angeles residents will know. Automating your home is an idyllic way to show off class and taste without having to say a single word.

Automation Increases Privacy and Security

Installing home automation mechanisms is a surefire way to secure your home from unwanted intruders. If a busy morning has you forgetting to lock the front door as you leave, automation allows you to lock it from wherever you are at. In other instances, if you are at work and need to let someone into the house to do a job, such as a contractor, doing so is as easy as pushing a button. Once they have left, you can lock the door behind them.

Shadows Design: Automation and Peace of Mind

Shadows Design is LA’s premier automation designers and experts. From custom, ultra-lux valances and drapes to one-touch lighting systems, we fuse a love of art, technology, and passion to make your dream ambiance a daily experience.

Ready to learn more? It starts with a phone call. Dial 310.467.6233 and contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

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