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Roman Shades Los Angeles: 4 Ways to “Caesarsify” Your Windows

Of all luxury window treatments available in the Los Angeles area, few are as tried and true as Roman shades.

Often said to have originated during the extravagant heights of the Roman Empire, their simple yet sophisticated draping design was used to stave off heat and dust from the neighboring coliseum. Soon, Romans all over began using colorful, baroque, and even-sided cloth to adorn their windows as a sign of prestige and taste.

In the 21st Century, the style remains as functional and elegant as ever, if not slightly more diversified. That’s why, at Shadows Design Inc, we meticulously hand-tailor Roman shades from the finest fabrics available, all to your exact window specifications. All we need are those specifications. So, to help you choose the right variety for your style, Shadows Design has broken down the ABCs of Roman shades. Take a look.

The Flat Roman: Stay Timeless

Often considered the most traditional, flat indoor shades are also one of the most popular styles in our Roman collection. They are smooth, sleek, and impeccably modern with an aesthetic that suggests minimalism with class. What’s more, they are highly functional and user-friendly, meaning they are easy to operate whether you choose to have them motorized or prefer a manual adjustment system.

The Relaxed Roman: Ease Up

Though aesthetically similar to the well-established flat variety, a keen eye will notice the gentle and urbane curvature that sets our relaxed Romans apart. With our relaxed line, we intentionally set the center slightly off so that the shades are given a casual look without sacrificing any swag. These shades are ideal for creating a subtly laid-back atmosphere without drawing too much attention to themselves.

The Hobbled Roman: Be Bold

If there’s a truly striking take on Roman Shades, it’s the hobbled variety. Also known as “pleated,” hobbled roman shades are made by sewing excess fabric between each pleat to keep folds even and visible even when the shades are fully extended. The result is a bold but luscious rippling pattern that catches the eye and turns the head with its dimensional qualities. With an exact 4”-5” inches spacing between each pleat, Hobbled roman shades will look fantastic at any length.

The Slatted Roman: Go Modern

Arguably the most contemporary of the bunch, slatted Roman shades are made with horizontal pockets meant to hold wooden slats. This means that, similar to hobbled shades, their contours are stark, well defined, highly durable, and most importantly, immensely visually appealing. With functionality and flair, slatted Roman shades are the perfect fusion of orthodoxy and vogue.

Romanize Your Radiance

Ready to live like an emperor? Shadows Design can transform your home so it’s a high-tech palace worthy of royalty. From hand-crafted, ultra-lux window coverings to integrated automation hubs, Shadows Design fuses art, technology, and passion to make dream homes a reality.

Want to make your home royalty-ready? It starts with a phone call. Dial 310.467.6233 or fill out our form for a free consultation and quote.

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