Where Can You Find Exquisite Window Coverings in Los Angeles, CA?

If there’s one thing Los Angeles is known for besides the big screen, it’s year-round sunny weather. And while great for a leisurely stroll through Beverly Hills or the Art District, it’s less helpful when you’re trying to create the perfect cool and dim atmosphere for that much-needed mid-afternoon nap

This is where Shadows Design Inc comes in. Our custom window covers are immaculately engineered to integrate the convenience of light and temperature control with the luxury of high-end design schemes certain to fit any LA lifestyle.

Why Choose High-end Window Coverings?

Whether you are looking for blinds, drapes, shutters, or shades, it’s important to remember that a rightly refined window covering can single-handedly transform the atmosphere and decor of any room. But that’s only one reason to purchase luxury window coverings. Here are several more:

Light Control

With upmarket window coverings, you’re guaranteed to have full say over how much light enters your house at any given moment in the day. If you prefer softened light for a more natural ambiance you can choose curtains or light-filtering shades. If you want the most in light control, horizontal blinds or Shutters are safe bets. Need an uninterrupted mid-day nap? Blackout shades might be the right option for you.

UV Protection

While window pane glass can prevent harmful UV rays from damaging the skin, they don’t protect the interiors of your building, such as flooring, furniture, and artwork, any of which can fade and deteriorate when exposed to the sun over time. High-grade shades, blinds, and shutters are specially designed to both filter out and altogether prevent UV light, so your furnishings will remain as pristine as the day they entered their home.

Energy Efficiency

Beyond providing the perfect shading solution, window coverings like cellular honeycomb shades are great insulators. This is especially important given that, in winter months, an estimated 38% of a home’s heat is lost through it’s windows alone, and in cooling seasons, 76% of light entering through a double pane window is converted into heat.

Where to Find Window Coverings in Los Angeles

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